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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dreading fall back

Pin It I am so dreading next week when we fall back.  I used to look forward to this every year because we got that extra hour of sleep but now after having Maddie there is no sleep and she will be waking up and hour earlier now!!  She was up by 5:45a this morning and I tried to get her to go back to sleep and that didn't work either.  I just can't get her to go back to bed.  I think I am also going to put some foil in her window or something.  I think I have a thick curtain I can use so the sun won't shine in now.  I used to tell her she needed to go back to sleep because the sun was still sleeping.  I try to go to sleep earlier myself then I just lay back there and toss and turn for an hour or so.  It's wearing me down.  You would think that after a year she would have retrained some to sleep in.  NOPE!!!!

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