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Friday, June 25, 2010

Memory Lane Friday- A Birthday

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Ok, think I might have to stop this Memory Lane Friday, I have such a bad memory and don't always have the best memories of childhood....

Well, I can't say that I have too many great memories of a birthday.  Not that any of them were bad but I was born on July 4th and didn't really get to have birthday parties other than with family because everyone was always on vacation or doing their own thing.  I know those were still good birthday's though too. 

I remember once when I was about 7 or so I got my first bike!  I know I still had to be young because I think it had training wheels on it.  It had a basket on the front and the fringe on the handlebars.  I loved that bike and always tried to put our poor little cats in the basket.  I had that bike forever!!  

One year they did a surprise one for me too, I had to be younger because my cake was a Gizmo cake.  I was so upset and crying because no one could come and then the doorbell rang and there they were!  

I also remember another one from when I was about 15 or so I finally got to have some friends over for a party.  We played volley ball and all sorts of other stuff.  I don't have any photos because I guess I yelled at my dad when he came out to take pictures.  Used to hate having my picture taken!  I feel so bad because I know it hurt dad's feelings.  I don't even remember doing it but mom was just telling me about it when I asked her what I should write about for this week (see told you my memory sucked!)  and that was the one party she really remembered.  

Sorry there aren't any pictures, I don't get to my mom's that often, only about every other month so I didn't have a chance to look at the old pictures.  I guess I need to borrow all her old albums and just start scanning!




mom said...

Will have to let you borrow them I guess. Just don't think about it when you are here, too much other stuff to talk about. lolol. Love you and sorry about your head and Vaughn.

varunner said...

I snagged all of my parents' photo albums when I started doing Memory Lane Fridays. I'm gradually scanning stuff in. It'll be good to get the photos scanned anyhow, since many of them are starting to get color warping and fading.
I guess one positive of being born on July 4th would be that you always get a fireworks show on your bday ;-)
Bikes w/ baskets and fringe were the best :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks momma, love you too! Head is much better this morning but not poor Vaughn. =(

Guess I can bring some home this next time Mad stays with ya.

Nicole said...

Thanks Lisa! Yeah I used to think the fireworks were just for me!! lol

I really need to get them to help preserve them like you said. They only live an hour away but we are only there about once a month and I always forget to get them. =(

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh, I could go on and on and on about birthdays! It's my Birthday Month after all ;) As high school graduation gifts, my sister and I made each other 'childhood' albums so we each have pictures from growing up. I can't take credit, as she did it first and I reciprocated when she graduated three years later!

Thanks for following Single Mom in the South! Following you back

Nicole said...

That's a cute idea!
Thanks for following me too =)

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