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Thursday, November 5, 2009

About time!!

Pin It Maddie didn't take a nap yesterday and she was pretty good most of the day until the end.  She finally went to bed and I heard her around 4a get out of bed, I was waiting on her to come to our room but then I heard her in the bathroom.  Again, I was waiting on her to come into our room, she actually went back to her own bed!!!!  And went to sleep!!!  It was so nice, I went back to sleep and rolled over and it was 6:30a I couldn't hear her on the monitor so I went back to sleep.  Next thing I know it is a little after 7a and she was still sleeping!!  I went ahead and got up around 7:30a and watched a little bit of a movie I have been trying to watch for weeks.  Of course then she got up.  lol  She was so cute walking down the hall with her hair all messed up! 
I just wish this worked everytime.  There are days she doesn't take a nap but she still gets up by 6a.  Guesss I will see how things go today and maybe try it again.  Although I really like her nap times.  Sometimes I take one with her and other times I just try to get some stuff done around the house.  I am not sure I want to stop the naps yet!  lol

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