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Friday, March 19, 2010

Kitty Purse

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Finally got around to trying out the Kitty Bag/Purse    and it came out alright.  I think that it scoops a little more than I would like but Maddie loves it!  A friend of mine sent me some scraps she had that she didn't want/ wasn't going to use, so thank you Mandy!!!!   Maddie picked out the material for all of it and the eyes, nose and ribbon.  I think she did a good job!  Here is Maddie's new little purse.  She was asking me what she could put in it because she actually didn't have anything left to put in it because all the other purses I made her had all her stuff in it.  lol  Of course she found a few things.

Here is another little craft we did today for her Daddy.  We went for a walk yesterday, since it was so nice out, poor thing also fell and got her 1st Spring scraps on her knees, anyways, she found this big leaf and said she wanted to make something for Daddy.  I actually had some puff balls and decided to make a little caterpillar to put on it.  Came out kind of cute but I didn't get a good picture before Shane took it to his office.  What a proud Daddy!!

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