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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is always a method to my madness

Pin It We went to storage today so I could get our summer clothes out.  My husband is always asking why I buy her stuff a little big or just find stuff that is big and save it, especially when it is on sale.  Well, once we went through her clothes there was only 1 thing that didn't fit her anymore!!  I am so relieved!!  There are a few that are a little too tight but not bad, so those will now be her play clothes she can trash and I won't freak out about.  I love that she already has a summer wardrobe!!  Even the reversible dresses I made her last year still fit only now they are more like shirts!  lol  Found a couple of cute dresses/outfits that I had totally forgotten about too!  Yea!!  

Oh yea, we went to the library today for Story Time and they did a little Easter Egg hunt for them.  It was so cute!  They hid all the eggs throughout the library and just let them go at it!  They all found quite a few eggs too and all seemed to enjoy it!!  Love our library and so glad that I finally learned about Story Time!  


Anonymous said...

That was very lucky the clothes fit. But also very smart buying them on sale too big for her last year. Glad you could do the piggy bank for her too. Wish I had know you needed a juice container...had, HAD, several...lolol....am going to make one of those rag quilts to Tiffany Martins soon to be baby girl. will have to get some purple baby material. Am going to use our last purple sheet like you got. lolol....sheets are wonderful!

Nicole said...

Sheets are great!!! I love that I can still use pillowcases to make her dresses too but really love when the sheets go on sale!! Most the time a lot cheaper than buying material and now the sheets are just as pretty!!
A friend said, "How green of you for reusing everything!" Not sure if I am trying to be green or just cheap!! Think it is the cheap part in me! lol
Thanks for the commnet!!! Hope you have a great day!
(Not really sure who you are though since it says anonymous! (: )

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