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Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Monday!

Pin It Monday's, how I hate them!  Not really sure why since I stay at home anyways but I think it is because we end up doing so much on the weekend that Maddie thinks we are going to keep going during the week.  She has gone from being 3 years old to be a 13 year old here lately.  Won't do anything when asked nicely and stares at you like you are freaking nuts for asking her to pick up her toys or to put her dish in the sink.  How dare I want her to be responsible!!  Today has just seemed to be a whole day of  NO!,  Stop That, Get off that, Hey didn't I just tell you NO!?!  UGH!!  But of course at the end of the day, after I turned off the TV because she was gripping about what was on, she had her fit and then finally calmed down and we played and she told us some crazy little stories while saying she was going to eat us!  She is so weird!!    Let's just hope the weather is a little warmer tomorrow so we can get outside!! 

Even with her being crazy she did actually let me get some sewing done today and I made a few of the Covered Head Bands I was wanting to try. I found a wonderful tutorial over at MMMCrafts They are so easy to make and I love how you can use scraps, since I always have those!  Here are a few of the ones I made today.


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