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Friday, May 7, 2010

Quilted Pleated Purse

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I finally got around to finishing up my pleated purse.  I decided to do it with a Moda Blush charm pack I had. (Got it off eBay)  Can't believe how long it took me to finish it up.  I just kept putting it off and reading or doing stuff around the house that actually needed it.  Poor thing was just sitting and waiting on me for almost a month now!

The material I used for the liner was a table cloth my mom found at a thrift store.  I didn't have anything that came close to matching so I figured it would have to do.  I am running so low on fabric it's killing me!  I have tons of small stuff like 1/2 yards, fat quarters, scraps, stuff like that but nothing for if I want to make something big.

Anyways, I got the idea for the purse from Bolsa Chica and My Spare Time.  They really have some cute ones!  I didn't really follow their instructions but just sewed the squares together until it was the size I wanted and then went from there.  No pattern, just cutting it out and sewing it up.  It was actually a little big so I cut the bottom row of squares off and used some of that for the pockets on the inside.  I also put some batting in the straps too since I love big bags and always seem to carry the house in them so hoping that will help pad them a little bit.  The zipper on the inside was a 14" only because that was the only size zipper I had left other than a 22"  :)   Guess I need to get some more zippers too!  I told you I am running low on everything!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!!



varunner said...

Cute bag! I especially like the details in the inside :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks!! The inside never turns out as pretty as I want it. lol Zippers and I still do not get along too well!!
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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