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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crafty Tuesday

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This week we made up a cute little tin I had for Maddie.  I had totally forgotten about the idea until I saw Sugar Doodle on FB post something from Kimbo over at A Girl and a Glue Gun  She has been very busy making up tons of tins!!  They are very addictive I have to admit!!  I saw this a while back in my Family Fun magazine but totally forgot about it until seeing Kimbo's post. 

Well, I haven't gotten any tins yet but Maddie had an old BottleCap candy tin we found a long time ago so I snagged that and made up some faces.  Then got a magnetic dry erase board for her to take in the car.  Now she has something to draw on and a big area to do her little faces on!  She loves it so far!! 
Oh,the dry erase board came with 2 magnets so I just glued some google eyes onto that and then added some magnets to a few more.  I also printed out some fun little drawing for her to add to it!

She took it with her on the hour long drive to church and had a blast writing on it and making different faces.  
 Here are some pictures of her playing with it at home Sunday afternoon.
Shane said that she actually drew him an R and a G yesterday and that she even said, here's a G and a R!  Yeah Maddie!!  Now if I ask though she won't show me or tell me.  Stubborn girl!


Mary said...

That's awesome! Very crafty :) She is so cute. I can't wait for Hailey to get a little older so she we can do more creative things like that.

Nicole said...

Thanks Mary! Yeah I remember saying that about Mad. Sometimes I wish she was still little, she had a ton of energy then but it's doubled now and it's still hard finding new things that she isn't bored with. lol
Enjoy Hailey now while she is young and having all those first experiences!! Those are priceless!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Super cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks Andrea!

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