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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a crazy child I have

Pin It We have found this great radio station called Air 1 and have been listening to it for awhile since Mad has started to repeat stuff she hears on the radio.  She has been repeating Pink's So What, running around yelling, I wanna get in trouble, I'm gonna start a fight and also calling everyone Womanizer now.  (Womanizer's her latest since I decided to listen to some old songs from my iPod the other day.)  Now I just know that when she is with us I really need to listen to Air1 instead!!  She is such a parrot but never on the stuff I want her to remember!!!!

She also now has some weird obsession with Iron Man.  Guess it's from all the commercials now and then Burger King also has a happy meal with him in it.  (Unfortunately there isn't one close here) She says she wants to be him and fly around saving people so I guess it's a good thing.  She was crying in Wal-Mart the other day because she saw him and said she wanted to be him but we couldn't find a mask or anything.  We finally found one this past weekend and now she wears it around the house a lot!  Love that wild and crazy child!!  She has some imagination!!!


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