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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crafty Day!

Pin It Ok, so it rained all day yesterday, everything is a soggy mess!  The flood sirens even went off but I didn't go see if it was actually flooded.  Highway 33 which turns into our main road through town is where it will flood.  No fun, just glad we don't really have to go anywhere.   Here's a link for a video of some of the flooding Videos | NewsOK.com - Oklahoma flood video: Edmond 

Since it rained so much we didn't go to craft time at the library or go anywhere else.  We just stayed home and did some crafts.  Maddie loves to sew so I gave her some scrap material and a needle. She made some cute little flowers and a scarf. She did a great job!!

She decided to draw some pictures today and then she started marking on my face! This time I didn't care and let her draw away then I decided to draw on hers. Then we made some hand print fish, I wasn't about to let her put all that paint on my face! Anyways here are the fish she made, some rainbow fish and then some other really colorful ones. She did a pretty good job! She has always been pretty crafty but here lately she is really surprising me with some of the stuff she comes up with.

Here are the rings I finally did.  I only got 3 ring blanks (ordered more off ebay, much cheaper) so this is all I have for now.  Maddie didn't want to use the button she had picked out instead she wanted to use her stick on earring that wouldn't stick to her ears anymore.  It was a little small but that is what she wanted.  Sorry the pictures aren't better.  Here is the link to my post that has the tutorial link in it.  Cute Button Rings  
I think I one of my buttons is actually like the one in the pic from the link above.  =)



Lisa said...

Very creative, i love it. I am not creative like that so those are some great ideas for me.
You are invited to check out my new blog, see if it is something you are interested in. You can get to it by visiting my main blog, today's post will take you right over.

Nicole said...

Thanks Lisa!
Believe me I didn't used to be that creative until I started staying at home and googling everything!!

I'll hop on over and check it out! Thanks!

Mysticiris said...

Looks like one fun filled day!!!

Nicole said...

It was! She passed out on the floor around 7pm because she was so worn out! (bonus that she still slept until about 6:30a too!)

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