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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crafty Tuesday :)

Pin It Didn't know if I was going to have anything for this week or not and then I remembered I had some stuff painted that I hadn't used before. I have done some toilet paper crafts before, here's the link, but I had some already painted that we didn't use.  Maddie helped me with the flowers and the design of it.  She really had fun with it!  Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.

We also did another ring for her.  Since she is obsessed with google eyes we put some on a ring blank for her.
She's all sweaty from the 2 mile walk we just took.  Proud of her, she did pretty well with the walk.

Oh and we also made a flag craft for the 4th of July.  She did a pretty good job on it too.  Used some felt to make this by gluing it to some card stock and then used a silver permanent marker to make the stars.  (didn't have any white to use)



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