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Friday, June 18, 2010

Memory Lane Friday

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                   This was for some Halloween party, can't remember the date.

What can I say about my Dad?  Hmmm....  hard to put into words but he is my dad, I love him and he is always there for me if I need him.  Growing up we didn't really get to see him that much because he was always working evenings or overnights.  It was hard to find time to do stuff with us because he was always sleeping during the day.

When I was around 4 or 5 we moved into a bigger house where my brother and I each had out own rooms!  That was so exciting for us.  Dad finally got onto the day shift so we actually got to see him more.   I can't remember if I was sick and he stayed home with me or if this was still when he was on the night shift but I remember sitting in his lap, watching Green Acres and eating raisins.  He would also 'drive' me and my baby to the Dr. which was over on the bay window seat and then he would come and pick us up again.  Not sure why but that is one of the best memories I have of him.

Other little memories I have is when I got a little play kitchen and my dad, uncle and grandpa were putting it together.  I hadn't heard that much yelling and cussing in a long time!  lol   I think it was that same year that my brother got a Rockem Sockem and we couldn't play with it because my dad and uncle kept playing with it. We had to beg them to let us play with it!
Not the exact play kitchen I had but the best I could find online.  Don't remember having any pictures of the real one.

Of course then going through the teen years, being the baby and girl of the family I didn't get to do much or go places.  I didn't understand it now but after being a parent I understand it more now.  He was being a little over protective but he didn't know any other way to be.  I hated him for it then but love him for it now

 Last year around Easter he came and told us that he had cancer.  It was a shock and we were so scared even though he kept reassuring us that it would all be alright.  Thank God he was right!!  After several months of chemo, a little bit before Christmas they told him it was gone and he was in remission!  That was the best Christmas gift for all of us!
here is the link to that My Mad World
                                     The day he told us he had cancer.  =(
                This was daddy and Maddie when he was going through chemo.   =(

I am so thankful for what my dad did for us growing up.  He sacrificed some time with us but that was the only thing he knew to do to provide for us and to give us what we needed.  He is a very hard worker and now that I am older he is such a bear.  Don't get me wrong he still gets the mean Daddy tone with me but at least now I'm an hour away so I have some time to run if I have too!

                                    My wedding day May 16, 1998  

                 Here is dad and Maddie the day after we came home with her.

Happy Father's Day Daddy, I love you!!!!



varunner said...

The new look is great and looks like you got the button thing squared away :-)

I felt the same way during the teen years, but understand now how important it was for a father to set those boundaries. Because I certainly would've gotten in a lot MORE trouble otherwise! ;-)

Love the driving the baby to the doctor memory. Isn't it funny the memories that become the fondest?

Nicole said...

Thanks Lisa! Yeah it is funny the memories that stay with us the most. =)

Yep, finally got the button up and going! Thanks so much for your help.

How sad is it that now I finally have it all done I want something else now? lol Man, that's pretty bad!

Mary said...

That picture at the top is hilarious! What's funny is my dad was a hippy for halloween one year too. Looks a lot like that! haha

I am so glad to hear your dad is doing ok.

Great post!

Nicole said...

Thanks Mary, we are too!

How funny, I think most our parents dressed up like that at one time or another. lol
Even though he said he never was a hippy it suited him pretty well. =)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Happy Father's day to your dad! My own dad beat cancer, too. I feel so lucky to still have him in my life...

Nicole said...

Congrats to your dad and Happy Father's Day to him too!!
We are lucky huh?

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