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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Pin It Ok note to self....

So yeah, I got my first bad sunburn of the year.  =(  No fun!  I usually just go swimming in my sports bra, tank and shorts but I put on my swimsuit this time and didn't plan on us being in the pool that long or Mad riding on my back for almost an hour!  Stupid me didn't put on sunscreen and usually I am fine but not this time.  Then again, my back hasn't seen sun in years!  lol  Thank God Maddie takes after Shane and just gets nice and tan.

Oh and I decided to change my blog banner and yeah I know it's really not a banner, it's late, I thought it was cute and I don't want to make a new one right now so.... it will be up for a while.  lol  I will make a new one of these days!  I think tomorrow I will just be lying on the floor and not trying to let anything touch my back! (Shane said there are already some blisters coming up.  Nice!) Story Time tomorrow is going to be painful!

Isn't that just the neatest sticky note!?!  Found them here... Supah Mommy notes from the nest  She has a link to the site on there.  Too cute!
Here's the site link too just incase you don't find it on Supah Mommy Super Stickies


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