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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rambling Thursday

Pin It Think that I might just keep this and do this every week.  There are some days that I have nothing to post about and then other days that it seems like there is so much but with no actual meaning to them.  (much like my life!)
Ok, so lets see....
Why is it that every night I am arguing with Mad to help me get this house clean and have her pick up her toys before going to bed to only have her trash it again within 30 min of her waking up!  Some days I think there is no point in it but I know Shane works hard and doesn't deserve to come home to a house like that.
Here it is this morning and last night it was fairly clean, well nothing on the floor anyways.

And here is her lovely room.  This is a constant fight!  I am always asking her to put up her toys when she is done, before she gets something else out, but it never works.  When I have her clean up her room she tells me she can't, it's too hard or she doesn't have enough energy.  I always tell her if she can mess it up she can clean it up!  Then she asks me for help because she knows I will end up doing it for her because of how she will just sit there and say she doesn't know where to put them, so I will say, here this goes here, and this goes there and then I am doing it for her!!!  So now I tell her I have my own things to clean!

I am so stinking excited about the upcoming weekend!  Shane is going to be gone on a Poker Run, hopefully, with my brother so he will be gone on Sat.  That means I get to go to Stillwater and go to Wal-mart and check out the material there.  They are closing out the material in their store so I am hoping I can find something decent.  I think it is one of the only ones left that still has material right now.  I just really miss the $1 or $2 a yard sections they had.  That is how I was stocked up for so long!!!  Love my material but I am so cheap, it is hard for me to pay $6 a yard for it when I know that is a good price.  Usually anything I like is about $10 a yard so I just leave feeling sad.  =(

Maddie woke up a little after 6a today and of course I couldn't get her to go back to sleep.  Only plus side to her waking up early is that I can bake if I want to.  I was lazy this morning and found a package of Chocolate Chip muffins I had so we made them.  She loves them but I am not crazy about them, which is very unusual for me because I usually go crazy for anything chocolate.
Our mini muffins.  So glad mom got me a mini muffin tin for Christmas, perfect size for Mad!

Did you know that old spice racks make great craft holders?  I had an old one I wasn't using anymore but thought it would be perfect for google eyes, little pom poms and other cute little things that is ok for her to get out on her own.  She loves that it is easy for her to get to!
Not the best picture and ignore the nasty sea monkies beside it.

Guess that is about it for now.  Not sure what else to ramble on about.  I am sure I will have more once the day is finishing up but who knows.  Might just be about the fight I know is going to happen when I really start asking Maddie to clean her room.  Been asking her now for the last 2 hours and nothing so I know it's gonna be a fight in a bit!



mom said...

glad you like the muffin pan..lolol. Don't know what to say about getting Maddie to clean her room...Tell her all princess' like to keep their room clean so they can find their princess stuff when the grammies come. Might work...Glad you're getting to go to Stillwater this weekend...too bad that Betty can't keep Maddie this weekend or is she? Do you still want me to get the book from Dr. Suess for Maddie? Don't want to overload with stuff. Guess you could take her old books to the Library...but she might like to read them later...let me know if I should hold off for awhile and cancel for now and join again later. LOVE YA HONEY!

Nicole said...

Yes I love the muffin tin and it is constantly used!
Yeah telling her stuff like that didn't work at all. I was trying to tell her that all day. I started out around 10a trying to get her to clean and told her she had until 3p before I started throwing stuff out. Kept reminding her every hour or so to go clean. She tucked herself in around noon and took a nap and then still wouldn't clean. Said she didn't have the energy.
Finally after setting the timer on the microwave she started to clean but when I went in there wasn't much done so I took a bag and took some toys. She lost then but started to clean. I let her get 2 things back and told her if she was good and kept stuff clean tomorrow she could have it all back. We'll see
On the books, it is up to you. We do read them but we also get a bunch from the library. It is whatever you want to do.
Betty is taking Mad next weekend not this one. Fell on Father's Day again this year but Shane said it was alright.
Love you too Momma!

Spice Rack said...

You've got a nice spice rack huh.I really like that kind of spice rack cause its really save space in your kitchen and very accessible.Awesome.

Nicole said...

Yea I really did love it when I was using it but then I got another one similar to this one so I changed and hated to just throw this one out. I do my best to reuse everything! (Mainly because I am cheap!!)

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