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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rambling Thursday

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(Not sure if anyone else does a Rambling Thursday but if anyone wants to join in I will put the button on the blog.)

Well let's see what all has been going on this week?  Monday I cut out the skirt that I made on Tuesday, then I found another shirt, which I've had cut out for almost a year now and is almost too small for her, that I am almost done with.  Finally!
Not sure if I posted this the other day or not but here is the little princess crown we made the other day.  Glad she can still wear that dress she had on, I made that one 2 years ago!

Wednesday we went for a short mile walk before it got too hot, then I busted my butt cleaning out the utility/junk room.  The shelves are still a little messy but it looks 90% better than when I started.  Took out 1 1/2 bags of trash and other stuff that I closed my eyes and threw away because I haven't used in so long but kept because it was cute and thought I would use eventually.  Just all nasty and covered in dust now so I guess they weren't that important to begin with.  It still kills me to throw them away but doubt that the thrift store would have even wanted them.  =)  It is finally organized a little better and I swept and mopped the floor out there but in a day or so it will be all nasty again.  Mad loves playing in mud so I guess it is better to mess up the utility room than the kitchen or living room.  I was hoping to find my big floppy hat so I could wear it in the pool but I think some blonde monster took it and I am not sure where she put it.  It's been missing for about a year now!

We also went to the library, didn't do story time but they had a Magician there for the kiddos at 1p so we went to that.  He was pretty good, well good for the kiddos.  Of course us adults could pick out what he was doing.  There were a few neat tricks that he did and we didn't know how.  He shoved a real bunny into his cardboard cannon and was going to shoot it into a bucket a kid was holding but once he 'lit' the fuse and it supposedly shot across the room there was a turtle in the bucket instead.  That was pretty neat because it def. was not in there to begin with.  Then he showed us the cannon and opened up the mount it was on, let us look under the table and he wasn't there!  It was back in the container it was in before he started the trick.

The kiddos loved it and laughed at pretty much everything he did and thought it was so cool!  Some of the jokes though were a little much for the younger ones to get though.  Maddie had a great time!  We then went to Sonic for Happy Hour and got her a Cherry Limeade slush!  WOW was it ever sour!!!  She loved it though.  We then came home got in the pool for about an hour and let her swim off all that sugar.  She is finally getting a little more brave and tries to put her face in the water.  She is doing really well with blowing bubbles but still doesn't want to go underwater.  She is also trying to swim in her tube floater too.  Trying to teach her how to hold her hands to push the water and that works for about 2 strokes and then she is back to basically splashing.   She also walks around and hops a lot and kind of tries to swim without the floatie now too.  Oh, and she is also jumping off the ladder but I usually have to catch her.  Been working on her just holding my hand and jumping in or having her lay her hand on top of mine and jump in.  (pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep and water is up to her shoulders) So proud of her!!  Hopefully she will get there before the summer is over.

Not sure what today holds for us though.  I think I will just clean a little and then hopefully finish up the top I have almost done.  Just lacks the hem and straps to put on.  Didn't have instructions for it because I have no idea where I put them, so I just did it how I wanted to.  Hoping it comes out alright.  Also got my ring blanks in so I think I will be making some more rings too!  Oh, I guess I need to take some pictures of the other washer necklaces I have made too.  Here is a link for a tutorial.  Not the original site I got mine from but I have searched and now I can't find it.  So here is the one from You Really Made That?

My washers, just need to get the cord and claps for them now.  Which I have just haven't done yet.

Oh and a bonus of the week..... I finally figured out how to get Maddie to clean her room or anywhere for that matter. I have to make it into a race. She tells me I have to say, "1, 2, 3 go!" so we can see how can pick up faster. She always beats me... hmmm... wonder how that happens!?! The only downside to that is that when I am trying to do dishes or something else and want her to go clean up her toys in the living room it doesn't seem to work so well. Think I will start telling her whoever gets done first will get a sticker or something. She loves stickers so hopefully that will work!



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