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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday was a sad day.....

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here at our house.  Our cat, Vaughn, had been a little sick the last month.  Just thought it might be the heat because he does lose weight during the summer time especially since he has been outside.  We kept checking him and trying to find a sore or anything in case he got in a fight or bitten by something else and we never found anything.  He didn't cry when you touched him anywhere and just seemed sad, not his normal perky self.  He's been like that before but then he is back to his normal self running around playing like he is a kitten.

Finally got him to come into the utility room this past week, he used to stay in there at night but lately hadn't wanted to come in, and he didn't move off his bench.  I had also noticed that there was nothing in the liter box.  Then a few days ago we noticed a big open sore that was seeping and a swollen spot by his ribs on his left side.  He just was not doing well at all.  Friday night he passed away.  We told Maddie Sat morning that Vaughn went to Heaven to be with God.  She knew he hadn't been feeling well so she kind of acted like she understood.  Then later on she asked where he was and I told her again, she said, "but  he's coming back from Heaven right?"  I told her, "no baby, he won't be coming back."  That's when it finally sunk in.  We cried for awhile and did our best to console her.  She keeps saying she wants Vaughn back and doesn't want him to go to Heaven.  Then she will say, "he didn't want to be friends anymore and that is why he left."

It is so hard to explain it for her right now.  She made a little note for him and put it in when we buried him.  She also asked if we could fly up to Heaven and see him, asked if he is alive in heaven and we told her yes.  Told her when you go to heaven there is no pain and no hurt and you are always happy and loved, that Vaughn is up there waiting until it is our turn to go to heaven.  

She is finally doing a little better but then will start with all the questions and keep saying she wants him back.  When she was praying tonight she said, "God I want Vaughn back"  So hard watching her deal with this and not knowing how to make it better for her.  We just keep telling her that is ok to feel sad and to miss him because we do too.  We loved him but now he isn't hurting anymore and is running and playing.

We got Vaughn around Feb of 1997, he was our first baby.  We have had him for a very long time and he will definitely be missed.  Maddie grew up with him and he used to be inside until he kept spaying in the same spot and we would clean it and finally get the smell out and then he would do it again.  He had been outside for about a year and half and it seemed like he was happier outside, running all over the place, climbing trees, getting birds and chasing bugs.  lol  There will never be another cat like him!

Here's some pics of Vaughn

I forgot that whenever you used BenGay he would attack you!  lol  He would rub and lick all over your shirt or wherever you put it on at. 

Here's little Mad and Vaughn, he was so good with her, let her carry her everywhere.  I have more but these are the only ones here on my laptop.

I love this one.  Looks like he is being all tough and growling but he's only yawning.  =)

and here's just a few more....




Melinda said...

I'm so sorry :( He looks like such a lovely cat. My pets are like my other kids, so I understand how hard it is to lose one. I'm dreading the day that we lose one, and I have to explain to the boys what happened. It sounds like you did a great job explaining to Maddie *hugs*

Nicole said...

Thanks Melinda. It is so hard to put it into words that they understand.

Today is my sleep in day and so far she hasn't said anything but then again I've only been up for 15 min.

Home In The Hollow said...

Nicole, I am so sorry about Vaughn. Perhaps this will lend some consolation (I recceived it from my vet after I had my dog put down):

"...Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and speak of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so...twas heaven here with you..."

Yes, Nicole, each time I read it I cry, too! But grieving is part of life! Your buddy, JP

The Queen said...

I'm so sorry. It is so hard for little ones to deal with these things. But I believe their pets... help them to learn to deal with the bigger stuff later in life. Pets are very important.

Mary said...

I'm so sorry Nicole. It is so hard to lose a pet. They really do become your kids in a way.

We recently lost our family dog that I had growing up. When you get a pet you never really think about the fact that they won't love as long. :(

I hope you and your family will be ok. (hugs)

mom said...

It was so good to see you girls Saturday...Maddie was so cute. Does she still like the shoes? If she needs to call me about Vaughn again..let her call. Grammie is just a phone call away. Vaughn was my "first grandkittie" and always came running when you said.."Grandama is here!" lolol Love ya all.

Nicole said...

Thank so much everyone for the kind words and extra support! It's so nice to have support from family, friends and blog friends. =)

JP I will have to read that to her and hope she understands if not I will save it anyways.

Momma we enjoyed coming to see you too. Took her mind off of it a little bit. She is doing much better today though, has only talked about him a little bit but no tears today.
Oh and yes she loves her shoes! Wore them to church today. Love ya!

Nicole said...

Mary I am sorry to hear about your dog. It is hard and you never do really think about out living them especially when you are younger. =(

Patty said...

So sorry to hear about Vaughn. So hard to explain it to little ones. Good job of explaining it to Maddie.

Anonymous said...

Maddie's daddy here. I fix things for a living,so I am so used to fixing what breaks and go on. This is the first time I have ever had to try to "fix" my little girls heart. It makes me feel so helpless, to have to stand and watch her be so sad and not be able to help her. I just keep telling her Vaughn is happy, but she doesn't understand. I guess I just have to get used to not being able to "fix" everything that Maddie may face in life. Guess maybe Vaughn taught us all something RIP little buddie

Nicole said...

Thanks aunt Patty. =)

I know babe, it's hard to watch her go through this and not fully understand. Just as hard on you since men want to fix everything as you say. This is just a taste of what she will have to deal with and us watching her hurt and not being able to fix. =(

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