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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now that's One Ugly Hat!!

Pin It Ok, I have been wanting to make a floppy hat for awhile now because when I am out in the pool that sun is just killing me! I used to have a cute (well cute for floppy hats) reversible pink one but the blond bandit stole it and now we haven't been able to find it!

I was googling floppy hat tutorials and found this one over at FaveCrafts for a Pillowcase Sun Hat it seemed really easy so I thought why not? Well, I didn't have a ruler to help with the circle so I improvised and just found a bowl that would fit my head and used that. =) Then just figured out how big I wanted my brim and did the best at making that look like an actual circle.

So on Friday, I ended up just kind of making it on my own instead of using her instructions. I'm just glad I found her tutorial though because it gave me an idea of how to go about it. The way I did mine is I just basically made 2 hats and then put them together that way but I should have done what I originally wanted and sewed the brim together first and then the others.  Now the inside is a little smaller than the outside and doesn't want to lay right.  Oh, well..
I didn't have any bias tape long enough so that is why I did it that way, plus I was wanting to see how it would work out so when I do make Mad one it can be reversible. I used another table cloth my mom had given me so it is def not the prettiest hat! Plus I needed to make the band a little narrower. It's almost like a big brimmed top hat!!

Here's some pictures that Ms. Mad took of me.
Trying on the bowl. (yeah, still in my sloppy clothes, why get dressed?)
 Gigantic ugly flower hat.  At least it will keep the sun off me and if the chlorine bleaches it out, no big loss.


Mary said...

Ha that's awesome! I can't believe you made that. I am so bad when it comes to sewing or being creative. I have to follow a pattern or else whatever I am making will not turn out. I wish I had that creative bug in me! :)

Great job!

cheeky curves said...

You are great fun, hope you enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed reading your post

Nicole said...

Whatever Mary!!! You are very creative!!! I'm just not smart enough to follow a pattern. lol I've crocheted some sweaters years ago and tried to follow the pattern but eventually gave up and did it my way! Turned out alright though.
The things you make are very gorgeous and very creative!!

Thanks Cheeky! Thanks for stopping by too. Love the dress you made and posted about today. Just popped over and checked it out. Cute!

An Imperfect Momma said...

Love the sloppy clothes! :o) I'm in mine now too :o). By the way you are so creative! I need instructions on anything and everything...

Nicole said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Sloppy clothes rule!!! I almost cried last night because one of my tank straps broke and now I have to fix it. I have these spaghetti strap tanks that are supposed to have the built in bra, yeah right, and have used them to nurse when Mad was little over 3 years ago. I practically live in them when I am at home. Gotta get that fixed!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!!

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