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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rambling Thursday

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Been a great week so far. Maddie has finally been helping clean up and listening a little better. Only thing is she has been waking up before 6a because she has wet the bed. She hasn't had accidents in a LONG time.

My mom got me some of the Pace Fitness Athletic shoes from Payless. Of course I had to get the men's since the women's don't come big enough so they are extra ugly but they are actually really comfortable. Takes a bit to get used to the rocking but not long. So on Monday Maddie and I went for a short mile walk and then later on in the day it was still nice so we walked to the store. I asked her if she wanted to go because this was a long walk and she said she did. We have done this walk before but just to a different store but it is the same distance, 1 mile each way. Usually she runs the first part and will walk back the rest. She did pretty well this time, it had been a while since we have walked it, but she started saying she couldn't go on. I told her she had no other choice if she wanted to get back home. She sucked it up and did it but I had to carry her a little ways, 40lbs starts to get heavy after a few blocks. The shoes were still very comfortable and I could actually feel it too. Ugly, ugly shoes but very, very comfy!
We also did the crafts for Crafty Tuesday on Monday.

Tuesday we didn't do much, played around some, read some books, had some lunch then had a little ice cream, went for another walk, picked some berries, Mad had about 4 or 5 of 'em and then we got back into the pool. Mad was in her little tube and was spinning around so fast that when she stopped her eyes were still wiggling! lol Hadn't seen that since she was really little and her daddy would spin her. I told her she needed to stop for a bit and she did but then she had to do it again. She did it for awhile and then she stopped and told me she didn't want to do it anymore so she stopped, hoped on me and said her belly hurt, next thing I know she threw up all over me!! The stinkiest puck I have ever smelled!!! I hung her over the edge so she could finish and then lifted her out of the pool to go sit down and clean off. 

I cleaned myself off the best I could but stayed in and cleaned the pool the best I could. I kept smelling it and when I got out it had all got stuck on the inside of my bathing suit between the big girls, ugh!! Stinky and nasty!! Berry pieces every where! Hosed us off again and finally got in the shower. I told her she needed to go get a drink, she had some sprite, I told her that might help her tummy feel better. She told me, 'So does puking' lol When I called my mom to tell her about it I asked Mad if she felt better and she said, "Yes I do because I puked on you!" Here's a video of her spinning, not sure why the video is so awful, sorry about that.  Maybe I asked for it since I had to get the video.  lol  She still spun for about 5 or 10 more minutes! (oh, Mr. Noodle is her imaginary friend.  Think she got it from Sesame Street, Elmo has a friend named Mr. Noodle)

Wednesday was Story Time at the library. Everyone was dressing up as pirates they were all so cute! So glad I made that stuff for Maddie awhile back. Just had to find it and make another eye patch. It is the last day of the Summer Reading Program. She got her shirt last week for reading her 20 books she was so proud! 

After story time she had a little friend over to swim in the pool. We met B. and his mom Kayce at Story Time and they hit it off.   First time they have done anything together though but they had a great time!!  We grilled up some burgers and hot dogs and then we went swimming, they didn't eat much so this time Mad didn't get sick!  =)   

After we ate we headed out back, B. had brought Mad some little poppers so they popped those before getting in the pool.  B. had some float wings he was wearing and he did so well!  Jumping off the ladder like a big boy and even going under.  His mom would toss him across the pool and he would love it!  Come up laughing and saying, "I went way under!!"  He had swimming lessons a few weeks ago and it was only for a week but he does so well!!  Wish Mad would wear her wings but she says they hurt so she had me throw them away.  They were getting really hard to put on her too.  She just uses her tube for now and is starting to 'swim' with that.  Still working on the going under water.  She just absolutely refuses to do.  Some days I want to press harder about it but I just let it go because I don't really want to scare her.  After swimming they came in and had some ice cream.  We were all worn out!  I am hoping Maddie will slept well tonight.  (sorry no pictures, I was too busy playing with them =)  I did get some from story time though.)

This is the shirt she got for reading her books for the Summer Reading Program.
And here's just some I thought were cute.

Ms. Sam, Mad & B.

They had to follow Ms. Sam on a treasure hunt.  She had a map and they had to follow her to get to the treasure.

The treasure was books!!!

It was a great week so far! (except for the throwing up part. lol)



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