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Friday, August 6, 2010

Memory Lane Friday

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Ok, it had been awhile since I had done Memory Lane Friday and when I went to check on the theme's I totally missed that it was 'Chore Time'.  Now that is a memory I do have about childhood!  SO this week I am doing that one and skipping, 'It was my friends idea' and then I will join in again with the theme next week. Head on over to Two Bears Farm to read some more!

Chores, yeah when we were younger we definitely had those.  During the week I don't really remember having set ones but do remember helping wash dishes, clean off the table, sweep the floor and if the trash was full take it out.  Didn't mind most of that except the washing dishes part.  The plates got scraped but they didn't always get rinsed and were thrown into the sink and of course there were food chunks floating in the water.  Made me want to gag!

Once the weekend got there instead of getting to sleep in we were woke up around 8a or 9a and it was time to start cleaning.  The normal, take your clothes to the washer, dust the living room, vacuum, cleaning your room but the one I hated the most was cleaning the bathroom!  Not sure what it was about cleaning that tub.  I hated cleaning the tub and to be honest I still don't really like doing that part.  I always opted to clean the counters and toilet instead.

Then there was mowing the yard too.  We never did have a riding lawn mower (well until I was 16 and had a job, and couldn't mow) and to this day I have never used one.  Yeah, 35 and can't use a riding lawn mower, keep asking hubby to teach me but says it's 'his' job to mow.  so... I'll let him.

OK, back to the mowing... my brother and I would always fight about who would mow where.  You were lucky if you got the back yard because it was a little smaller and didn't take that long.  I used to get that weekly until I got a little older and then we started taking turns on it. The front yard was big and then there was a ditch in it and that thing was steep and kind of hard to mow.  Mom said she used to be able to hear me screaming and complaining the whole time I was mowing.  Sure the neighbors loved watching that!

Oh, and it wasn't a thing where you could just go out and mow.... one week you had to mow it North-South, the next week maybe squares, then East-West, back and forth, diagonally.  Had to do that so the grass wasn't growing the same way and would be nice and thick and look good.  It was a pain!!!!

I sure was thankful when we got the one that had the bagger instead of having to rake up the clippings.  We usually dumped the clippings in the pasture behind the backyard so the cows would have extra to munch on.  They loved it.

So that is my 'Chore Time'    It was pretty much just helping out daily but the big clean was always Sat when I wanted to sleep in.  Used to think, "No fair" but I think mom woke us up for all those morning when we were little and ended up waking her up.  I know I am going to enjoy waking Maddie up early!!

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varunner said...

I know what you mean about the dishes. I still hate hate hate dishes.
Luckily, I never had to mow. It does seem tedious.

Nicole said...

Yeah I still don't care for dishes but it is easier with that soap handle scrubbie! lol
Mowing was a BIG PITA!!! But now since I am home I wish he would teach me how then I could help him out some..

Home In The Hollow said...

I love doing yard work...:) Give me my weed eater and I AM HAPPY!!!!

Sonya Heilmann said...

Somehow, my brother, Joe, always got to mow the lawn. We, too, had a big yard, and he always got to use the riding mower! Yes, if I could have chosen what chore I got, it would've been mowing the lawn on the riding mower, instead of helping with the grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen or cleaning up after the dogs (poop patrol)!!

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