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Friday, August 20, 2010

Memory Lane Friday

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This week's theme is 'Bad Hair Day'  I guess you could call mine, 'bad hair year!'  I don't know what I was ever thinking with this nasty hair cut!!  So glad when it finally grew out.  Hmmm.....wonder why I don't have a picture of that? lol  I am sure my mom does but not really eager to dig it out besides she just had knee surgery and is still in the hospital so you will have to settle for google pics. 

Does anyone remember the rat tail?  Yeah for some reason when I was in 6th grade I thought that was a good idea.  Guess back then, 1986, it was the style.. well what a bad style it was!!!
OK, so mine wasn't like that but it was bad!!  My hair was cut just like a boys but of course I still had the little tail.  UGH!!!

Then for some other reason when I was in high school I decided to get a mushroom cut.  Yeah that was another bad hair cut!  WOW!  So glad when that finally grew out too!!
Here is what I had 
Only pic I could find.  lol
   Yeah pretty ugly huh! 

This past April I guess I got this cut again but only a little different.  A friend of mine that does hair told me that if I had 10 inches I could donate it to Locks of Love.  That sounded like a good thing to do, it was only a month after my baby cousin had died from cancer and I wanted to give back a little.
When she pulled it back and showed me how short it would be I was alright with it but then when she made the cut it was shorter than that!  It turned out pretty cute though but I guess now, looking back at this picture, I can see why my husband kind of freaked out about it!! lol
Here's what I got this past April.
If you look to the right you can see how long it was before I cut it.
Look how short that top layer was!
Now it is finally growing out a little bit.  It is growing so SLOW though!!! 

When my hair was longer and I was having a bad hair day I would just put it in a pony tail but now that it is so short I just use a headband or hat! 


varunner said...

LOL, I hope rat tails don't ever make a comeback.
I did Locks of Love this spring and mine is growing back soooo slow too. For a good cause though!

Nicole said...

Me too! Although here in the sticks of OK we sometimes see it. Sometimes it's the mullet with the tail. lol That's a bad hair style too!!

Locks of love is a very great cause but yes, mine is growing back so sloooowwww... if it grew as fast as my husbands it would be past my shoulders by now!

Home In The Hollow said...

I'm glad, Nicole, that that that "rat tail" thing is out! That's down right scary!! And on you no less. Keep it like it is, sweetheart...:)

Nicole said...

lol!! Yeah, no more rat tails for me!!!
At least when I had my rat tail I still had hair everywhere, just a boy cut with the long tail. I would NEVER have done it like the pic I posted!! lol

Lisa said...

I am trying to figure out what to do with my hair, trying the straight look right now and not really knowing if I like it. My bangs are so long that I use a hairclip everyday...not really liking the housecleaning look all the time.
Your hair looks thick, I liked it shorter but I am glad it is growing out for you...wish it were faster for you.

Karen said...

My sons sported rat tails and mushroom cuts...and many others...I think it was wonderful that you donated your hair!

Nicole said...

Lisa I totally understand the growing out the bangs and having to clip them all the time. I did that for what seemed like forever!! Yes, my hair is pretty thick which is another reason I cut it short. It was cooler but with temps being in the 100's here lately nothing is helping with that!!!

LOL! I think most of the boys and a lot of us girls had those crazy do's from back then!!

Thanks for the comment about donating. I was so glad I could help out a little.

Eve said...

That was so sweet of you to donate your hair for such a good cause.

I wasn't a fan of the rat tail either, or the mullet either. But I had a mushroom cut and a lot of my family did too. Glad that's over :D

Your hair looks great now.

Nicole said...

Thanks Eve!

Yeah I think we all had or knew someone that was a victim of the bad hairdo's!

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