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Monday, August 2, 2010

New bed/room for Maddie

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My baby girl is growing up!!  Went from this.... 

to this..... 
to this.....

Well a little bit over a year ago we switched Maddie's crib to the toddler bed.  This year we thought since my aunt had a double bed she was wanting to get rid of that we would take that and make her bed into the big bed for her.  When she goes to my mom's she sleeps on a full size bed so we didn't think she would mind it.  Well she loves it!  OK, love it might be a little of an overstatement right now.  She loves it during the daytime but come night time she doesn't want to go to sleep and says that she is scared.  We just got it Sat so she has only slept 2 nights in it.  Sat. night she screamed, I kinda heard it on the monitor but then she stopped, I guess Shane was still up and he went in with her.  I woke up this morning because I had to go to the bathroom and thought it was strange that she wasn't awake yet at 7a when she is normally up a little after 6a every day.  I noticed her door was open and went to check on her and she was awake sitting in her bed and daddy was still passed out.  lol

Today we rearranged it, again, and then she was jumping all over the bed, which I made her stop, and loved that this way we did it gave her more room than it was on Sat.  She kept playing in there most of the day.  Come bed time again and she kept wanting me to stay in there with her.  I decided to lay down with her again and read a book, and do her 'Princess Maddie' story, some songs and prayers she started crying saying she has nightmares.  I told her it would be alright and that she is still in the same room just that the bed is bigger so she would be alright.  She has been sleeping with her bedside lamp on for the past month now too, so I reminded her that the lamp was on, gave her her little flashlight and she put it under her pillow.  I told her just to try to go to sleep and if she started to have a nightmare then she could call for us and she could also start to think of happy things, playing, her babies, Vaughn, and she could also talk to God and He would keep her safe.  She was still crying some so Shane put on her TV and let her go to sleep with the TV but I had to remind her that it was only for tonight.  She was asleep within 15 min. 

Didn't figure that this would be so different for her and thought that she would love it.  Like I said she does love it during the day time but I guess at night it will just take some time for her to get used to. 

Here are some pictures of what we did to her room.  She picked out the dots that are all over the wall and put most of them on herself.  (not sure how long they will last since we got them at Dollar Tree (=  ) 

After we set it up on Saturday 

and the decorations I put up in her room on Wed or Thursday of last week

Then today after we rearranged it again. (She has so much junk!!) 
Took off the big comforter and using this one for now since it is so stinking hot!

Dancing to some music

Her reading/art area

Just more pictures of the decorations.
Sorry this was such a long post!


Karen Long said...

I tell my daughter who has a 2 yr old and another one on the way..
DONT BLINK... THEY WILL GROW UP BEFORE YOUR EYES.. I still cant imagine that my children are 25,23 and 14.. Yes we started all over again! and has our 3rd child later in life. But loving it, and now enjoying being grand parents..
That is the gift for not killing your kids when they are little..lol..
You are blessed.. Enjoy your life..
Have a great week.. talk to ya again real soon

Nicole said...

LOL!! That is the same thing mom says.. (about the not killing us part!)

Yes we are blessed and I know that she will grow up way too fast. Wow, on the ages of your kiddos! I am sure there are some days you can still look back and remember them as babies and feel like it was just yesterday too. We look at Mad all the time and wonder what happened to our little 'baby' =(
Have a great day!

Mary said...

So cute! We have a bed like that for Hailey where its a 4 in 1. I wish she didn't chew on the sides though! Ha

Have a great Monday :)

Nicole said...

LOL! Yeah we got lucky with Mad not chewing on them. She wasn't much of a chewer unless she was teething. Was so glad we got the 4 in 1 bed too. Love it! (decided not to put the foot board on though since her room is so small)

Hope you have a great Monday too!

Eve said...

Your little girl and her room are so adorable! I love her colorful quilt, and her pink wall hooks, everything. That was a good idea about the light under the pillow just in case. I hope her nightmares stop soon :D

Nicole said...

Thank you Eve!

I hope her nightmare's stop soon too. It is so weird how she didn't really have them until we changed beds.... think it is just something new. She did better Sunday night but then last night/this morning around 3a she had another one. I just stayed and slept with her. At least we can do that now. lol

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