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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rambling Thursday

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Well, been staying with my mom for the past few days just so I could try to help them out some and to also visit with my aunt who was also here to visit.  My mom had a total knee replacement last week but she is doing fairly well.  Still really swollen and bruised all the way to her toes!  That's not pretty.  Other than that she is doing pretty well...  Here are some pictures of the past few days.  Maddie has really enjoyed playing with her cousin that came down with my aunt too.

My poor worn out momma!  Maddie gave her something she made from pipe cleaners and her big old teddy bear.

Maddie, Tavie and I walked Mia and then Maddie fell and banged up both knees so she was icing her knees like grammy.

Mad and Tavie, with the weird things they made with the pipecleaners
 Maddie and grammy taking a nap.
Maddie eating a cookie that she had to add frosting to.
Maddie playing games


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Love the knee icing picture.. too cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks! Yeah I thought that was just too cute to not get a picture of!!

Karen said...

I hope your mom recovers quickly from her surgery...the knee icing moment was very cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks Karen. She is doing a lot better today than she was went I got there on Tuesday. Her swelling and bruising has gone down a lot too.

Yeah, that icing picture is one of my favorite!

God Whispers said...

Awww, thank you for sharing your family. Blessings.

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