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Friday, August 27, 2010

Memory Lane Friday

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This weeks theme for Memory Lane Friday is 'A Goof at Work'  Well mine probably isn't the normal kind of goof.  Mine is a goof while coming to work, and I was waving hello to the safety manager and my supervisor.  By our dumpsters they have these long drains down the road and I was too busy saying 'hi' that I didn't notice that one of them was sticking up.  Well, of course I tripped and fell but I fell hard!  (of course it was in front of all the staff and the kids)  I knew I dislocated my shoulder as soon as I did it and it hurt so much!  For some reason I was having trouble getting up so our safety manager and my supervisor came and helped me except they grabbed me under my arms even when I was telling them it was hurting and I thought I had dislocated it.

Then we had to go back inside, I had to fill out all sorts of paper work, as I am trying to keep my arm in a certain position, and try to stop crying and shaking because it hurt so much.  Then my supervisor took me to their Dr, which at least was just around the block, and I had to try to fill out more paper work there, then got some X-ray's.  Finally got me to the ER and I just sat there forever too, no pain meds, nothing to help.  I was not very happy.  Finally I was about to pass out from shock or whatever, but I do remember yelling for my 'damn' meds!  Which I know wasn't very nice but after sitting like that for an hour you really start to lose it a little.

Finally they came, gave me something and then put it back in for me.  My husband had showed up just as I was yelling for my meds.  Yeah, not my best time but what are you gonna do?  Can't go back and change it.  I eventually had to go see their orthopedic surgeon and they scheduled surgery for me.  Once they got in they said that I had knocked lose some of the bone and had broken off bits of cartilage so they ended up putting a little plastic plate in.  Once that was done he put me in a sling and told me not to move it for a month so I didn't break lose the plate, so I did as he asked.  Then the next visit, which was 4 weeks after that, he said, so have we been doing PT?  WHAT!?!  I would have loved to have been but you told me not to move it so I didn't,  Never told me to schedule PT. He scheduled me for PT so I started that but even after 3 months of that I could only lift it straight in front of me, still couldn't wash my hair with 2 hands.  (and after sleeping in a freaking recliner for a month!)

Had to go back in and have another surgery sine we waited so long for PT to start and even after 3 months of PT it wasn't getting any better.  We had to go in and do a manipulation on my shoulder since I hadn't moved it in 4 weeks before the PT.

OK, just to get this story over with we did that and then started therapy 2 days after that.  I am now able to wash my hair with 2 hands but it is still hard to do a lot of stuff.  I can't reach behind me very well, and def can't scratch my back when I need too.  All this after working at my job for 3 months and then I was off for 5 1/2 months!!!  At least my job was good about it.  That was the 'worst' labeled job, janitor, I had ever had but it was also the best!  Decent pay, 11 paid holidays and weekends off!  Couldn't get much better except I was working evenings and hardly ever got to see Maddie.

OK, sorry, bit of a long once but that is my 'work goof'


Home In The Hollow said...

Oh, you poor thing, Nicole. Forget the fall...that was bad enough...it's your recovery that really got to me!...:) JP

Nicole said...

Thanks JP. Yeah I don't do anything half way! lol It was one of the hardest recoveries I have ever had to deal with!! I really didn't want the 2nd surgery but only being able to lift my arm at a 90 degree angle wasn't going to cut it. Guess I could have gotten disability but that wasn't going to work for me!

varunner said...

Oh how horrible! I can't believe they didn't get you started on PT faster than that. Glad it's doing better now.

Nicole said...

Yeah I know Lisa! That is what I thought too!! Since he told me not to move it so I didn't knock the plate loose then he had me scared and I didn't. =(

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