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Monday, August 16, 2010

This one's for you

Pin It Finally put Randy to rest Saturday.  It was a nice service besides the obvious reason.  It was still a very hard day.  It's always so sad that the death of someone is what brings people that have lost touch back together.  I guess it is actually a good thing if you think about it. 
Had a great time Saturday night with some 'old' friends!  Great time, catching up, remembering and sharing our stories of Randy.  Man did the boys have a bunch to tell, starting back when they were 14 years old. lol  The trouble those boys used to get into.  I can remember Randy and Shane telling me the same stories many times but hearing them Saturday as Mike and Shane told them, or acted them out, it was hilarious.  It was great times!!  It was like we were all back together just waiting on Randy to show up.  (he was ALWAYS late!)

Sure gonna miss that guy but we do have a lifetime of memories to share and keep alive! 

Shane & Mike
(wearing their do rags in memory of Randy)

The gang telling some great stories..

The acting out I was talking about.. (there were more but I will spare you all oh and yes those are tight rolls, can't even remember how that got started!)

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