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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rambling Thursday

Pin It Nothing much to really ramble about this week. 
Mad came home on Sunday, still don't have any pics yet from the visit.  Her aunt was a sick and then having to work this week she hasn't had time to post anything yet.

Monday we just had a nice little cook out here at home, nothing special but it was nice.  Tuesday I had my tooth pulled, went well.  I think I was in Walgreen's waiting on my pain med longer than I was in the Dentist office!  Thank God Shane was on vacation because he took Maddie and disappeared for about 4 hours!  That was nice!  I slept off and on most of that day.

Wednesday it rained all day and Mad was so bored being stuck inside and not being able to be loud and jump around.  Kept having to remind her to stop jumping especially when she was trying to give me hugs.  She has a habit of jumping into your arms and almost slamming her head into yours when she is trying to get a hug.

Today though we are all ready to head off to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton for the day.  It will be Maddie's first time.  I posted more about it towards the bottom of this post HERE
I will hopefully get some good pictures and will be posting them on Friday if all goes well!


varunner said...

Hey, I keep trying to comment but am having trouble w/ your site.

I hope your little one feels better. And that refuge sounds awesome!

Home In The Hollow said...

Nicole, that sounds like it'll be fun! ...:)JP

Nicole said...

it was!! =)

Nicole said...

Hmm.. sorry Lisa. Hard telling what it is. The refuge was beautiful as always! Posting pics tomorrow!

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