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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tell Us Something Good Thursday

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 Tell Us Something Good
Found this cute little meme over at A Single Mom and A Teenaged Girl

This is my first week joining in on this meme so here goes...

I've got a ton of good.. =)

My husband and I joined our church on Sunday!
I got my hair colored on Wednesday!!  Hopefully getting it back to a more natural.  Still a little dark right now but it'll fade some..

My daughter got a Vtech Tote & Go Laptop on Wednesday!  Now maybe she'll leave my iTouch alone!

I'm finally getting off my butt and exercising! 

there are plenty more small little things...

So what is your something good?


A Daddy Blog said...

Hi, Nicole. Couldn't sleep (hopefully just needed a few minutes out of bed) so thought I'd check in. Yes, per my baby feet photo and yours with your husband's thumb it's hard to believe they were ever that little, isn't it? Enjoyed your new "tell us something new meme". Our daughter (though younger than yours) used to have a hard time keeping her hands off Mommy's iPhone. I have an iTouch, but it's not as intriguing without sound. So good luck with that. Anyway, the meme is a good idea. Counting our blessings and focusing on good things is something we should do often.

Nicole said...

I hope you can get some sleep soon! I was like that the other day.

I know, it's just amazing how fast they grow! Sometimes I swear that Maddie looks like she has grown overnight! =0)

Yeah Mad had a game that she liked on my itouch but didn't like that it wouldn't repeat what she said since it doesn't have a microphone.
She has liked the laptop so far and went 6 hours without asking for my itouch! lol

Figured I would join in on the meme since here lately I am just not to gung ho on my normal posts.

A Daddy Blog said...

I'm glad she's enjoying her "laptop" and staying away from your iTouch. I did get back to sleep eventually, thanks. [yawn] I do like the idea of the Tell Us Something Good Thursday meme. I need to do a book review post today, if I ever find time. Have a great day!

Nicole said...

Good luck with that! Hope you have a great day too!

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