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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a great Saturday!

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The first Gold Ribbon ride in memory of a wonderful and strong little boy, Cash Caywood was Saturday.  The Gold Ribbon Ride is a Poker Run/Toy Run to raise money for Ally's House and Children's Cancer Research and to remember Cash.
It was an awesome day with awesome weather and there were so many people there to support this wonderful cause!!  Here are a few pictures of the ride.  (took almost 200 but won't be posting them all.)

Cash's Mommy & Daddy

The ride to the hospital

Delivering the toys at the hospital

Look at all those toys!!

Here's the link to the fan page on FB if anyone is interested.


Karen said...

What an awesome event!

Nicole said...

It was!! We had a great time and delivered lots of toys to some very appreciative kiddos!! It was a blessing to be apart of it!

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