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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty Tuesday

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 Love how you can automatically schedule these but do not like when it doesn't work and already schedules them and I went back to edit and it still didn't work...  oh well!

Welcome to Crafty Tuesday!   Crafty Tuesday is to share with others your craftiness, either with things you have made, little ideas on fun things with the kids or something cute you have found that you would like to make!  Please feel free to link up and take the button in the column on the right hand side!  Thanks!

This week I have been working on some Christmas gifts.  I would love to share them with you and even share the idea but I just don't want to give it away.  They have turned out pretty cute so far!!

Since I can't really share with you what I have been doing then I have found this cute little new site called Between the Lines and she has the cutest little tutorial for a Produce Bag.  It's so cute and looks easy to make.  I am always looking for t-shirt recycling ideas!!  Hope you like it!  Oh, don't forget to go and check out Between the Lines, she has a ton of other great ideas!!!

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