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Friday, October 22, 2010

Go fish!

Pin It Maddie and I have been cleaning up the craft area and some of her other stuff and she found a green lei she had.  She was so happy she found it but then she played with it until she ripped it apart!  I swear she should have been a boy as since she is always tearing things up!!
The pieces of the lei on the floor gave me the idea to make her a little fish bowl.  I just cut it out of some foam we had and then used some, as she calls them, 'under the sea' stickers. It turned out pretty cute! Now she wants to watch Nemo but I can't find the darn thing! So glad we got Netflix and can watch it instantly!

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Baby Pickel said...

What a fun project!

Nemo is one of my favorites :D

Nicole said...

It was a lot of fun!

Nemo's great!

Mary said...

That's adorable! What a great idea :)

Your blogiversary is getting close! Hope you have a great weekend

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