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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maddie's latest adventure

Pin It Maddie went to stay with her grandparents this weekend and they went to visit some of their friends and they said, "Oh you are so cute!"  and then one of them gave her a dollar.  Then they got home and her papa was talking to a neighbor lady and she told papa, "Look one of grammy's friends gave me a dollar!"  the neighbor lady said, "How neat!" and then she pulled a dollar out of her pocket and gave it to Maddie.  Maddie told her grammy, "Isn't it great that I'm so cute they give me money!?!"  She is too funny!  Grammy said she made sure that she told them thank you, which she is pretty good about. 

There have been a couple of times when we are in a store and some older men will say how cute she is and then give her some quarters or some other change.  I try to say no thank you but some times they seem offended so I just let them and make sure she tells them thank you very much. I don't know really how to go about telling them I don't really like her taking stuff from strangers but I guess they figure if I am with her its alright.  Still don't know what to do about that...

She also had to tell me all about a snake skin they had found and was trying to figure out how the snake just crawled out of it.  Then they found a dead field rat that Cuddles had brought up to the front porch to 'share' with them and Maddie was yelling for grammy to come look and saying, "Ewww, it doesn't have a head!"  lol

She's been swimming, played in the sprinkler, been shopping and ate grilled hot dogs and some onion rings, had her bath and is now having a sleep over with papa in the living room.  She just had to call me and make sure I heard all about her big adventure she had today!  Sounds like she is having fun!  Can't wait to hear all about what she does Saturday.  (wrote this Friday night)

Oh and she is so stinking cute when she talks on the phone now.  I can actually understand her and she sounds so grown up!!  


Home In The Hollow said...

WOW! It sounds like Maddie has discovered all kinds of great memories...:)JP

Lands Family Led by the Lord said...





Nicole said...

Thanks Virginia!
Having a great weekend so far. I hope you are too!

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