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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story TIme Halloween Party

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OK, so this post is gonna be short of words but full of pictures!!  Ms. Mad went to the Story Time Halloween Party yesterday and had a blast!!   Then yesterday evening we went to a friends church for their Fall Festival!  She had a blast!!!

Iron Man Princess!  lol  She came up with it all on her own!

Maddie, Kayce and B.

The whole gang of trick or treaters

Making her craft

So pretty!!  Love that the bat is upside down.  "because that's how they sleep!" well of course it is!

all the goodies

chocolate face..

and chocolate teeth

showing off the hat I made for her

after story time.. she was on a sugar high and wanted to do my hair and makeup

and here's the hair

1 comment:

Home In The Hollow said...

Absolutely LOVE it, Nicole! Not sure which pic I like better, the Iron Man Princess or the one where she is crafting...:)JP

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