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Friday, November 12, 2010


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I have been wanting to find a crochet brimmed hat pattern and I have a few but I just couldn’t get them to work out right.  I decided to just crochet a hat for Mad and then try to figure out how to add a brim to it myself.  Well…. I didn’t work out too well.  When I got done and tried it on Maddie she said, “It has a beak!”  I told her, “yeah, but it’s supposed to be a brim not a beak. I’ll take it off.”  She started yelling at me not too because she liked the beak.  So… I just left it and then I added some buttons for eyes and a little braid to the top of it.  She really likes it and it is kind of cute. 

 005          010020                      

I did finally find one that I actually figured out.  It’s still not perfect but not bad for my first try.  Now I am going to try to make a new one for Maddie.  Little Mad took these pictures for me.  She did a great job too!

newsboy cap


Forever Neighbor said...

LOVE IT!!! I think the beak hat is super cute and I love the hat you are wearing. I have always wanted to crochet but I guess I need to learn first...lol
Great job!

Nicole said...

Thanks Barb! She really likes it.
Mine is really warm! will be great later this month and next.

It took me a bit to learn how to crochet. Didn't really pick it up until 7 years ago. Youtube is great for learning or refreshing your memory!

Have a great weekend!!

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