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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My lil’ Angel

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For the past few years, since Maddie was almost 1 we have been making these little angels with her hands and feet and a photo.  I can’t believe how big her hands and her feet have gotten!  It was nice finding the older ones we did when I got things out for the tree and remembered we hadn’t made one yet for this year so we made a new one.  Here a few pictures of her little angels.  She is born in January so the first one we did she was just a month shy of being one year.  They are so cute!! 

We just traced her foot and her hands, cut them out and then used glitter glue to rub glue all over them and then glued them together.  Picked out a photo with a decent size of her face and then printed it out and cut that out to add to it.  These will be great to look back on.  Not sure how many more years we will do it but I will try to continue to do them for as long as she will let me!  Winking smile



Oh and the little red ornament in the top left hand side was from when she was 1 or 2, so bad I can’t remember, but we just painted her hand white and kinda wrapped her hand around it and then used a permanent marker to add eyes and a mough to make it look like snowmen. 


Anonymous said...

Aww PRECIOUS :) I love that!!

Nicole said...

Thanks Camille!


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