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Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a busy weekend!

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We went to Enid on Friday night after Shane got home from work to stay with my mom and Sharron.  It was weird for me because I didn’t take my laptop, camera, beading stuff, a book or crochet to do.  It was really weird not having anything to do, that’s very hard for me to just sit and not do anything! Disappointed smile It was nice though once the initial withdrawal went away! 

I actually went to bed around 10:30p but since I was sleeping with Mad she heard the floor creaking and sat up.  She wanted me to tickle her tummy and then she started giggling and wanting to play.  I think it was about 11:30p before we got to sleep, which is about normal for me but very late for her.  She was still up by 7a and rearing to go!  I got up and of course she went and woke up mom, then we got coffee going and breakfast started and started cleaning.  It was a long day but a very fun day!  Just never enough time in the day for everything!  Would have really loved to stay longer but had to get back home so I could go to Wal-mart and the grocery store too. 

I didn’t really get online much at there house either and once I got home and got things settled I checked my email and I have 66 emails.  That’s not as bad as I figured it would be!  lol  Now off to check my email and get it all emptied out. 

Oh and getting ready to watch Eclipse.  Shane came home and surprised me with it a little bit ago.  We went and saw it but can’t wait to watch it again!  Stinking Twilight series, never thought I would get sucked into it!!  The books are still SO much better but really glad the movies have gotten better with each one too.  Was really disappointed in Twilight.  Sad smile

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Here’s just a few random pictures for ya.  You know I have to post pictures!! 


I’ll be posting about these on Tuesday




Her Christmas outfit.  Mom did the skirt for me today while I was cleaning and doing some other things.  Thanks mom!  I’ve only had that material for about 2 years now!! 


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Tiggeriffic said...

How wonderful to help your mom out with cleaning.. I know I would really like that and Know she loved it.
Isn't it something about children~ they can stay up late and I always think,,they will sleep in and at the crack of dawn they are up and at um..ugh~! I like to get up and have that first cup of coffee and have it nice and quiet.. and then start the day with a bang.
ta ta for now from Iowa

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