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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monkey Claw!!

Pin It monkey_paw_final-copy
What my hands feel like

I have been crocheting pretty much all day long since Monday.  My poor hands are getting the “monkey claw”!  My hands and arms are so sore from crocheting but it is for an amazing cause so that is all that matters!  I am making a blanket for my friend Misty.  She is a great friend to my cousin Stacie and helps her out with doing fundraisers.  Stacie's family and many of her friends and family do a lot of fundraisers in memory of her son Cash.  The Cash Crusader’s Relay for Life Team are always doing great fundraisers to help out the American Cancer Society Relay for LifeCheck them both out!
So I am making another granny square blanket and have been working so hard on it.  I have until April 2nd, well that’s when the fundraiser is, and I just don’t want to disappoint anyone and not get it done on time.  I am so thankful I still have a month to do it but as we all know that month will go quickly!
So… I will be on and off the blogging world until I get it done.  Actually it’s been kinda nice not being on the computer so much but I have missed out on some great posts from my bloggy friends.  Hopefully you will all forgive me! 
This is what I have been staring at lately…. (and my Kindle!  Love that thing and love that I can crochet and read!)

and then of course, I had to take a break and get my hair and makeup done! Smile

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like it's really coming along!

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