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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Story Time Valentine’s Party

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Tuesday Mad and I made up some chocolate chip cookies and we also did some sugar cookies and frosted them and of course had to add sprinkles.  She loves her sprinkles!

She had a great time helping make them but of course I didn’t get pictures of that.  I did get some pics of the cookies after we were done though.

Wednesday we went to Story Time and Ms. Sam read a couple of really cute books, did a cute craft making a fish from hearts and then they exchanged Valentine’s and had some cookies and punch.  She had a great time!!




Here’s the little cutie getting ready to go to Story Time.


Here she is at Story Time


Enjoying her Fruit by the Foot


She had a great time!  Then again she always has a great time at Story Time!!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

The library looks fun, and those cookies - yum!

Baby Pickel said...

Looks like delicious cookies!! Yummmmmy!! :)

Glad to hear you two had a good couple of days!

Her library outfit is precious!

Angela said...

She looks like she had a bawl getting those cookies decorated and being able to bring them for Story Time to share with her friends. She is such a big girl! She's growing so fast.

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