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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty Tuesday

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Welcome to Crafty Tuesday!  Crafty Tuesday is to share with others your craftiness, either with things you have made (craftiness or baking because that’s crafty too!) little ideas on fun things with the kids or something cute you have found that you would like to make!  Please feel free to link up and take the button in the sidebar on the right hand side!  Thanks!!!

This past week I have been doing a lot of crocheting… a fellow blogger of mine, which I mention a lot Smile Mary from The Englar Fam and Crocheting the Day Away has inspired me to get back into it.  She makes some lovely stuff and introduced me to Mamachee.  (posting her FB page with tons of her links there)
Anyways, I got a cute pattern from Mamachee, well 2 of them, and have been working on those…
Here are a few of the birds I have made

(if you like the birds then become a fan on FB and find out how to get them!!)

and here is the doll I did.  Now this was the first doll I have made and there is a lot of things I need to practice on.  The face, well the lips, I am not too happy with but Maddie loves it!! (I added the ears and nose to her pattern because, as Mad says, she can’t hear or smell!!)
Her name is Rapunzel of course…


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Good grief, you made a doll?!! You're amazing!

Nicole said...

lol! Thanks Lisa! Yeah my wrists are killing me! but its so addictive!

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