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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love Amigurumi!

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but I just can’t pronounce it!! 
I’ve been making a lot of little critters lately and try to make one everyday.  Of course Mad helps out by picking the pattern and the name for them.  Smile  I’ve even sold a few and have some orders for more!  Would love to put some on Etsy but right now I have enough orders to deal with (not complaining about that at all!  Thanks to all that have ordered!) and need to get a decent supply of animals going too.

I love to crochet but every time I start crocheting for a while I get a ganglion cyst on my wrist.  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t.  It just gets bigger until I stop but right now I can’t stop!  Plus I keep finding new things I want to make!!

Here’s a picture of my cyst, not the best picture but the best I could get. (you can click the picture for a bigger view)


here’s some of the little guys I have been making.. some I have posted before.

Cupcake ‘Sprinkle’
Bath scrubby… can’t remember what she called it
Purple Nose, Triangle… and I can’t remember the kitty’s name
Oh yeah!  I forgot but I can put PDF files on my Kindle!  Woot Woot!  Now I don’t have to waste so much ink printing them all up!!  Just hope I can keep track of which round I am on!


Mary said...

Very cute! Be careful with your hand. I would take a break for awhile. You don't want something permenant to happen.

I did finally learn how to say Amigurumi!

Try this... ah-mee-goo-roo-mee

Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter

Nicole said...

I know, I know... but I have 3 more to finish up for some ladies...

LOL! Thanks for helping learn to say it! I was going to go and google it again for the pronunciation of it.

I hope you have a very blessed Easter weekend too!

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