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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maddie & LG

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The night we had the tornado scare our power went out.  We have a generator so we used that and plugged in the fridge and a little fan in the living room.  We ended up bringing Mad’s mattress out to the living room so we could sleep on that..

The next day as I was trying to things cleaned up and put away, once our power came back on, I came back in the living room to see that Mad had gotten LG out of the cage.  She decided to let him/her (still not sure on this) crawl around on her bed.  (more laundry to do after that!)

Maddie loves that thing and we usually have a plastic ball for him to run around in but he has chewed it up so bad it won’t stay closed.  He’s escaped even after I had taped it too!  so… since I hadn’t been putting him in the ball, Mad hasn’t had the chance to play with him and hold him.  I guess she just decided she needed to spend some time with him!





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