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Friday, June 17, 2011

{A little crafty}

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Haven’t really been posting much lately but since I wasn’t on the computer much on the vacation it has kind of rolled over to here at home now too.  I have missed it some but not much.

Lately I have been trying to declutter and I also wanted to make something cute with some of the shells we got on vacation.  Then I found this other cute vase I forgot I had and decided to use it too.  I finally took down the tissue paper Christmas tree I had up, yeah.. still had it up.

Here’s the one I did with all the shells and some sand from the Atlantic beach in North Carolina


and another quick one with some patio candles on the side.  Just liked how they looked and we never use them so…


 The pretty brown plate I found at our thrift store and the hurricane in the picture above I also found there.  Should have just went there before I went to the Dollar Store for the hurricane in the top pic.

Here is the other one I did.  You know I have yarn all over and I always have small balls so I just thought I would toss some in there.  Turned out pretty cute and I love how colorful it is!


after taking the picture I realized I had all pink on one side so I had to fix that.


Mary said...

Those are pretty! Of course I like the one full of yarn :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Very pretty! So simple to do such creative and lovely home decor.

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