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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frappuccino recipe

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I have had so many ask me how I make my frappuccino’s.  Now.. I don’t have an exact recipe I follow. 
I use Millstone coffee I have a container that I mix the two flavor below in.  It is so good that way!! 

Chocolate VelvetCaramel Truffle
I make my reg. 12 cup pot of coffee
When that is done I go ahead and add just a little bit of ovaltine, hot chocolate or even chocolate syrup to it.  Then I add some of my coffee creamer to it too.  I have two different ones that I switch off and on using.  (posted below)  I add all that to a 2 qt. container I have and then add some milk to it.  (Can’t tell you the exact amount anymore, sorry.) 

 I then let it cool a bit and add it to the fridge.  You can freeze some of it too and then add some of the frap and the frozen frap to a blender so make it slushy!  It’s very good that way too but I just don’t take the time to do it that way anymore.   The 2 quarts usually lasts me about a week.  Hope this recipe makes sense to you!  Sorry I don’t have the measurements, since I just dump and pour now.  There’s a link below for a Google search.

(still has calories but you can also get the creamer fat free and use skim milk to cut out the fat!)

The yummy coffee creamer I use.
Vanilla Caramel LiquidItalian Sweet Crème Liquid
Here’s the link for a Google search on Frappuccino Recipes


Thelma said...

yummy...I do the same thing........mmmmm mmmm good. I use international coffee's french vanilla creamer though...okay.thanks......... now I have to go make me some. thanks for the calories my friend. LOL..(kidding, i was going to have one eventually, anyways)..LOL

Nicole said...

very yummy huh!?!
I just made some more this morning! Yeah, boo on the calories!! I do help cut out the fat by getting the fat free creamer and using skim milk. At least that helps some. lol

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