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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Crafty Tuesday}

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Crafty Tuesday 2
Welcome to Crafty Tuesday!  Crafty Tuesday is to share with others your craftiness, either with things you have made (craftiness or baking because that’s crafty too!) little ideas on fun things with the kids or something cute you have found that you would like to make!  Please feel free to link up and take the button in the sidebar on the right hand side!  Thanks!!!
I have been talking about my hexagons for a while now and last week I finally got my Hexy Bag done!  I did mine with the African Flower Hexagons I found on Ravelry and then I saw this really cute bag made with them.  The pattern wasn’t free and was only $6 but I didn’t want to pay that so I just tried to figure it out myself. 
I finally did it!!!  Here’s the bag.
and the liner
and now, I had to take 1 row out, and I still have to fix the liner to make it a little shorter.  The bag was great but was just a little too big/long and I really wanted to carry it as a daily purse.  I am really happy with how it came out too.
Oh and here is another cute little idea.  I was having Maddie hold it up for me to get a quick pic and she put it on.  I think it would make a cute skirt or just add a few more rows and then some straps for a cute little dress!


Daughter to THE King said...

That is the cutest bag I have ever seen, you did a great job Nicole! <3 all the color, amazing.

Have a great day!

~Amy :o)

Splendiferous Girls said...

I love the little skirt so cute.

Nicole said...

Amy thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!! I had a lot of fun making this bag too, so that was a bonus!!

Hope you have a great day!

Jenny said...

I love the colors you used. I would love to have a bag like that, too! :)

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