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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My new best friend

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OK.. so I am still loving my homemade laundry soap.  I love the container I have it in too!  My dad gave it to me, it’s an old kitty litter container that has a lid that is hinged so you can just lift it up and you won't lose the lid and as a bonus, I can shove the nasty stuff in there and let it soak overnight and then just ring it out in the morning and wash. 


The other day I decided to wash the seat cushion to Mad’s booster seat, which wasn’t the best idea, I soaked it, then I used a brush attatchment from an old vaccuum cleaner.  I have no idea why I still had the brush but it worked great to scrub out some of the stains on the cushion.  It came out so clean!  The only reason I said it wasn’t a good idea to wash was because, of course, it shrank.  But it was really clean!!  Smile


So… if you wanna be a hoarder like me and keep crazy things, sometimes there’s a good reason to keep them!  


*If you click the link above it will take you to the other post about the soap and it has the recipe.  The kitty litter container holds the whole 5 gallons of detergent.  When I have something that is stained, like when Mad eats a popsicle while wearing a white shirt, I toss it in there.  :)


Savannah McQueen said...

Okay...wait! I am confused. I know it is very early in the morning but do you use the kitty litter container to store the detergent in? Or do you use that as your soaking container with water and detergent added? I just made my first laundry soap and so far I am enjoying it. I have a few things that didn't get clean but I may just need to work on stains more. Would you consider posting a link to this page in my forum? And maybe add the detergent recipe, too. Thanks!

Jewelsy said...

Hi, I love your "mad" blog here. I am a new follower from.

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