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Friday, December 16, 2011

Reusable Alphabet page

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A while back I made up some pages, nothing fancy, just real quick, with the alphabet, some numbers and her name and then I used some contact paper to laminate it so she would be able to write on it.  I also did one for my phone number and our home address since they are wanting her to learn that.  We don’t have a home number and my cell area code is different from here so she has to learn the area code and the number.  I was hoping that having her write and rewrite them that some of it just might stick!  We’ll see.  She tried to help me draw and color the house so it’s a little funky looking.  Could have made some really cute ones but we are so low on ink I didn’t want to print anything.. maybe next time!





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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

How cute...creative, I know the ink $$ too well

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