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Friday, May 25, 2012

Maddie’s last day of Pre-K

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Tuesday May 22nd was Maddie’s last day of pre-k.  I can’t believe how fast this past year went!  She was really upset because Mrs. Rice won’t be her teacher next year but she is finally understanding that each year she will get new teachers.  I am so proud of all that she learned this year and that finally by the end of the year she had learned her address and her phone number!  The phone number was a little harder on her because we only have the cellphone and it is a different area code than where we live, but she finally got it!  So proud!! 

This week the daycare that she goes to is closed until Tuesday after Memorial Day so before I got hired I let them know that I would need those days off.  It has been nice spending time with her these last few days and we have some exciting things planned for the weekend and then Shane is off all next week and they have some more fun stuff planned for his vacation.  Wish I would be able to join in but I’m sure they will have lots of fun!

Here’s some pictures from her last day of school! 

Since I didn’t ask I had to crop these 2 pictures…
Maddie being pushed by one of the boys in her class


Maddie enjoying her ice cream party on the last day with her best friend













She also got her picture taken with the BlueJay as a prize for bringing in the most box tops for her class that month!



Here she is on the first day and the last day!!  (she actually hasn’t changed that much lol)006DSCF9322

008 (2)DSCF9332



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