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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend adventures

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Last Sunday we drove on down to Lawton and went to Medicine Park, up Mt. Scott and then on to the Holy City.  Maddie loves going there and I have always loved going there, it’s just so beautiful and relaxing!  However, this weekend it was packed because there was some kind of event going on in Medicine Park and it was also extremely windy so once we got the the top of the mountain it was just pushing around up there!
Here’s some of the pictures we got from our trip.

MEDICINE PARK  (you can click the pictures to make them larger)

Then we went on up MT. SCOTT (some were taken from the van as we were going down the mountain)

Then we went to the HOLY CITY and also saw some prairie dogs along the way and some buffalo

Last time we went here it was in 2010 and I got this picture of Maddie, think she has grown just a little bit since then! 
58536_473406480428_731165428_7209102_843098_n 074

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