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Friday, October 30, 2009

Maddie's first time trick or treating!

Pin It When Shane gets home from work we are going to go to Enid to see the grandparents.  We did do this last year for her but that was about it.  She didn't really understand and was afraid of all the stuff and other kids.  This year she is really looking forward to it.  She is going to be Scooby Doo..   I am hoping she will really have lots of fun!  Tomorrow night we are going downtown to trick or treat.  They have something every year.  I can't wait to see her reaction to everything!!!  I will def. have pictures to post later!
Oh, she came in this morning around 6a and I was SO tired I kept telling her to lay still and be quiet.  I ended up falling asleep and so did she.  When I woke up it was almost 8a!  She said, I want candy now!!  She doesn't quite get that we have to wait until later to go trick or treating.  Very excited!!!

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