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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Maddie and I went to the park last week hoping to see some pretty trees to get some pictures but they were all pretty much just brown.  Still got some cute pictures. 

made this picture from the others

Then we also made some blueberry muffins but instead of muffins made a bluberry loaf.  She really likes them and has had them before but when she was licking the bowl she said, "Mmmm...this is very good, I've never had this before!"  Yes she has but it has been a long time!!  lol

She went and stayed with Grammy Bev & Grammy Sharron this weekend.  She was very good and had a lot of fun with them.  When she came home today she was in a great mood!!  Usually when she comes home from the grandparents on the weekend she is so upset because she wants to stay with them and then is really cranky.  This time she was great!  No fits and was good all afternoon/evening here too.  When she was with the grammies she told them, "Ok, it's time for my bath and then I need to go to bed"  She was very good about telling them she wanted to go to bed and then she would go to sleep pretty much on her own!  What a big girl!!  She did well with that here tonight too.  Usually she starts to cry and yells, "I don't wanna go to bed!!!"   She has been an absolute angel today!!  Hope this sticks around for a little while!
Mom brought me some clothes from Shauna and I was trying on some of the dresses and Maddie would say, "You look like a princess Mommy!  Now you have to spin like this!"  then she would spin and I would have to spin with her.  She is so funny!!! 

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