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Monday, November 16, 2009

another Monday...

Pin It We haven't done much today.  Made a little pom pom Santa and Rudolph then decided to try making a little owl for Maddie.  Didn't come out as cute as the one I saw but Maddie likes it so that is all that matters. lol  I should have put the eyes down a little more.  Oh well!  Still kind of cute.  I just used scraps I had and didn't have any cute ribbon so I just used what I had. 

This is where I found the idea.  This site has a LOT of cute things!!

We switched from Dishnetwork to Directv today and now we Nick Jr. and she can't stop watching it!

Oh yeah we also made a little Santa Clause out of Pom Pom and a little Reindeer too.  Turned out kind of cute!

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