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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pin It My laptop has been getting really warm and isn't holding a charge anymore.  The power cord will run the computer if it is plugged in but will not hold a charge to charge the battery.  We took it in yesterday to have it looked at.  Looks like they are going to have to send it off to get worked on so that means I could be without it for a month!  Not liking that very well.  I have Christmas cards I wanted to work on too. 
Ms. Maddie has been having such a little attitude lately too.  When you ask her to clean up or do anything most of the time she will say, "I don't have to"  She is getting really sassy.  The only thing that will get her to stop is to send her to her room and then she gets a little better and then will do what you ask but the next time she says it again.  She is driving me crazy!!  I am hoping that this is just a little phase she is going through.  Also doesn't do well at church anymore either.  She used to go to the nursery for Sunday school and for church but not anymore.  She won't leave my side but she also won't be quiet either.  I loved it when she used to be good because it was a nice little break for me to be with other adults and not her all the time.  So frustrating!! 
This week is Veteran's Day so the library will be closed so there won't be story time either.  No break for me this week.  I love her to death but she needs to get used to other kids and give me a little break!  Just feeling trapped lately....

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